Making the Case for Content

Here’s how you prove that investing in high-quality writing and design pays off.

If you aren’t a little tired of hearing about ROI, then you are a better person than we are. That being said, obviously return on investment is a big deal. And content marketing definitely impacts your ROI in the long-term, but since it doesn’t offer a quick return, it can be hard to sell the higher-ups on content marketing’s importance. Here’s our advice on how to get hesitant executives to take the plunge and invest:

Data Download. If you can demonstrate through leads or analytics how people are engaging with the content marketing, as well as which methods are most effective, you’ll have valuable proof points for getting the boss onboard. Capturing contact information provides future leads, while tracking how people engaged with the content demonstrates which efforts should be replicated and which need to be tweaked or discarded.

Showcase Sales. You can also provide information on how many sales were made after content was viewed or downloaded. Again, analytics can help track this, but it’s also a good idea to get some verbal feedback from your sales force. Do they hear customers mentioning content? Do they ask customers how they found your company? If content compels customers in any way, it helps your case.

Referral Rates. Think your content marketing performs better when visitors come to your site directly or when they come as referral traffic? Often companies find that referrals generate more leads than they realized. You can boost your referral rates by creating campaigns targeted to the best audience and then distributing and promoting them to relevant groups.

Building Budgets. You are asking your executive team to make a sizeable investment if you want an effective content marketing strategy. Think creatively: Look for ways that content can help other departments so that you might be able to pull funds from various groups. And if your marketing department is spending money on efforts that aren’t working, don’t be afraid to divert the necessary dollars from your own budget.

Corner Competitors. Finally, your boss needs to know that if your company doesn’t work to control the message via content marketing, your competitors will. The better those other companies become at leading the conversation, the more challenging it will be for your business to get a word in edgewise.