Wish You Were Here!

How we spent our summer vacation: a visual essay.

You know what they say about all work, no play. Our goal is to foster an environment where we’re all excited to come to the office and the creative spirit thrives.

Part of that means taking some time for ourselves. We work hard every day for our clients, crafting the best and most effective content through words, pictures and video. So when we can, we like to take a moment and simply breathe. This can mean taking off for office pedicures on a slower day, leaving early on Fridays in the summer or even closing the office for a week to give everyone a chance to get away with their families.

We’ve created a little collage of our summer fun to share with you. It’s just one of the many ways that we recognize that each of us at Ethos is an individual with a life outside of our office walls. Today’s society talks a lot about how things have changed, with flextime or people working from home. But at Ethos, that isn’t just talk—it’s how we do things every day.

We call it our summertime rules, because well, summertime does rule and because those are the rules we live by.