Biscuits, Friends & Giant Scissors


We were excited to throw a little party recently along with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate our new building in Burlington, N.C. Attendees included Burlington Mayor Ian Baltutis, as well as members of the Alamance County Commissioners and the Alamance Chamber of Commerce, who came bearing an enormous pair of (real, and really sharp) scissors.

Of course, as with any party, one of the best parts was the food. The spread included a selection of local Southern biscuits—including an office favorite, country ham—that didn’t last long.

We have to say that we were quite pleased with the giant scissors. Afterward, we began making plans to acquire our own pair and find reasons for more ceremonies, perhaps welcoming people to the office each day with a ribbon cutting. If you are curious or in the market yourself, you can order your own pair here.

Check out the video below to see the festivities!