The Power of Pictures

In the art of storytelling, the art itself is a big part.

You may be tempted to think of your content marketing efforts as centering solely on words. While that is certainly a big part of it, the goal you are trying to express to your target audience can be expressed with images as well. And more importantly, it should be expressed with images. There’s a reason the old adage, “Show, don’t tell” has had such staying power. Read on to see why design is such a growing part of content marketing.

Changing Mediums
Design is playing a bigger role than ever in content marketing because how we interact with each other and businesses is changing. Desktops are out, and smartphones and tablets are in. As a result, the graphics that companies use for their websites have shifted to accommodate smaller screens and people on the go. Navigation options have also changed as a result.

Making it Intuitive
Creating content that is easy for people to use has is also behind the increased importance of design in content marketing. People are more likely to be loyal to a site that doesn’t make interactions difficult. Less really can be better, especially when it comes to good design.

Designing for the Future
Past online content had more in common with newspapers and magazines. That is changing, and as it does, people will become more and more comfortable with intuitive interfaces and designs that are a blend of words and pictures.

Words are no longer enough to capture the attention of your targeted audience. Moving forward, you have to make your content as visually appealing as it is informative. A quick trick to try is to find some of your written content that has been successful and brainstorm a way to translate it into a purely visual design. You will draw in new audiences with information that they will be able to take in quickly.