Hot Right Now: Magazines

When marketers think about how Millennials consume media, magazines aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But perhaps we should take another look: magazines have a big presence in a Millennial’s typical media consumption.  

Here’s a surprising fact: Millennials are actually more likely to read magazines than any other age group. According to MRI, 18-24 year olds are more likely than other age group to be in the top 40 percent of magazine readers (radio listeners as well). Compared to other generations, young adults are the heaviest consumers of print (yes, print!) magazines at an average of 9.5 issues read per month, according to a 2015 study by MPA.

As with most media outlets nowadays, digital consumption has an enormous influence on magazines. Millennials are looking at magazines online more than ever. Out of the 1,000 readers that were surveyed in another MPA study, 93 percent read magazines in the last 60 days and 37 percent of them said they read on digital outlets at least some of the time.

The MPA study also indicated that it was critical for magazines to integrate social media into the experience they create for readers—91 percent of the readers in the survey used Facebook, 61 percent used YouTube and 40 percent used Twitter—and Millennials expect to engage with publications on these channels.

Finally, marketers and custom publishers will want to look at how publications are optimizing content for mobile. Considering that some statistics indicate that one in five Millennials prefer to receive their news exclusively through mobile devices, keeping an eye on mobile platforms is just one more trend to watch in an industry that’s constantly changing in ways you might not expect.