Sharing a Story with Photos

Every experienced speaker consciously or unconsciously considers the idea of pathos, an appeal to the emotions of the audience through storytelling and passion.

When it comes to presentations, you also have to consider pathos when selecting images. But this is easier said then done for many people who aren’t used to sharing a story using visuals.

Perhaps making it more difficult, driven in part by advances in digital media, we’ve become a culture saturated by image. As a result, we’ve become more jaded and generally harder to impress.

Here are our top three tips to keep in mind as you plan your presentation.

1.     Keep it short. Generally, you should look to speak for about 2 minutes per slide. A large, dramatic image can speak volumes as your support.

2.     Stemming from tip No. 1: Stop reading your slides! Limit the text on your slides and practice your speech so you don’t need to rely on on-screen text cues.

3.     Visuals intrigue. But you must explain them. Make sure the images you select are in harmony with they key points you are trying to convey.

When choosing images, you have to remember that you are telling a human story. Authenticity is they key so you have to look for photography that captures human emotion.

How do you select images that will engage? Study your audience. Look for photography or illustrations that include details that will resonate with your audience, including age, industry and work environment. Avoid overly staged or stock photos.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will be sure to impress at your next speech! Happy presenting!