Content Audit

You’ve been audited.

Those aren’t the words you want to hear coming from the IRS, but when it comes to your website content, an audit is not only a good thing, it’s essential to keeping your business well positioned. Why?

The goal of an audit

Think you know what your website says and how that message is being perceived by your audience? Well, think again. Without a regular and comprehensive review of your content, you may not realize that you message is out of date, diluted or simply no longer accurate. Conducting a comprehensive audit of everything on your site or your media presence ensures that your content strategy is doing all it can for you, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Performing a content audit

Start your content audit by creating a comprehensive list of everything on your website or posted in your social media. Once you have an outline to denote your changes and comments, it’s time to begin the audit. It can be helpful to assign a grading system to rank content, particularly if you have a lot to go through. 

What are the main points to consider when reviewing content? Start by asking what the content is about. Next consider if it still supports the goals of your business or organization. A study of the analytics of the content also can tell you if people are finding and using the content. You’ve put the content out there, but if people aren’t seeing it, what is it accomplishing?

Finally, go through this checklist:

·      Is the information accurate and up-to-date, particularly if you have statistics or numbers mentioned?

·      Do the links all still work? Do you have enough links?

·      Is the voice between pages, posts, etc. consistent?

·      Is the content published in the right place on your site?

·      Can the content be re-promoted, re-shared or republished to garner more attention with minimal changes?

Filling in the blanks

The final piece of your content audit should include creating a list of holes you have found, topics that haven’t been addressed or messages that you need to share. In addition to reworking any content that you already have in existence, this step is crucial to keeping your content strategy on the right path.