Enhancing Your Brand Perception

How a Cheap Trick song your parents love should be your guiding force when it comes to using content to enhance the perception of your brand.

For more than 40 years, Robin, Rick and Tom (aka the members of Cheap Trick) have been wooing audiences with their famed anthem. Before we go off the rails into classic rock trivia, here’s what Cheap Trick has to do with your brand—you want customers to want your product or services. You need them to need what you are selling. Get where we are going here?

Why is content a necessity?

If your company is still focusing on communication and branding that is product-focused and not customer-focused, the road ahead for your business could be bumpy. Your brand has to understand your target audience’s needs, pain points and hopes, and the best way to express all that information is through your content marketing. Doing this helps customers see what your company stands for beyond your product.

How do you differentiate yourself?

Whether your brand is starting out or trying to reboot its content marketing efforts, your focus needs to be on how to make your products or services stand apart from the crowd. You do this by not only addressing what it is your customer needs you to help them achieve, but also by figuring out how you can be more useful to them than another company offering a similar product or service.

What content is the most valuable?

Great, you say, create useful content. Is it really that simple? Yes, but it means that if you want your customers to perceive your content (and you!) as valuable, you have to be offering them something of value to begin with in that content. Simply slapping some words up on your website or your LinkedIn profile won’t cut it. The content you post should be so valuable that your client would be willing to pay for it and definitely share it with others. It is far better to have less content that is more impactful than loads of posts that offer nothing noteworthy.

Who is talking about you now?

Your existing customers can be your best promoters. Sure everyone wants new clients, but keeping your existing clientele happy is vital. If they feel valued and invested in, existing clients will spread the word, and then watch the new customers roll in as well. But of course none of this happens if your content marketing isn’t top-notch. You have to create a plan that shows your customer that your content is about focusing on their needs, not just selling them something. Your content should have a clearly defined mission that represents your brand and supports it, but that doesn’t mirror your business directly.

Do all that, and the clients will love you and be beggin’ you for more. We know you are humming it in your head still, don’t fight it.