Welcome to Our Offices

Offices have come a long way since some brain surgeon first decided cubicles were the wave of the future.

Today we’ve come to embrace that our work place is our second home, so why not make them livable spaces that we enjoy being in?

We’ve been chatting with you guys for some time now, and we feel like we’ve created a connection. Not necessarily a swipe right connection, but we thought it was time to invite you into our space. 

Not the Bat Cave,
but not too shabby

Sure there are cooler offices—the Bat Cave, really in any incarnation comes to mind—or the archeologist/magical/British Museum aura that pervades Dumbledore’s inner sanctum, but putting those fictional spaces aside, we think that the Ethos office has it going on. 

Light on the clichés

We love a good trend as much as the next person, but we understand that a bit of restraint and some adherence to the classics isn’t a bad thing. So we’ve skipped the dorm room aesthetic that some creative companies have bought into for a space that is comfortable but grown up. It’s welcoming and relaxed, but still focused and productive. Being writers and graphic artists doesn’t require us to have a pool table or a hacky sack game going on in the back room.

A welcoming entry

We’ve got an entry area that quickly communicates that you are entering a creative, yet stylish, space filled with like-minded people. We offer a slice of our personality along with local flavor and a post-modern touch.

We use what works

Finally, Ethos may be a tight-knit group, but our space affords us the option to spread out and work independently when we want. The thing is, though, we enjoy brainstorming together and working as a unit. So more often than not, we gather in one space and collaborate. It’s just who we are, and it works best for us.