15 Minutes With...

It takes all kinds of personalities to make a creative agency like ours click.
In our “15 Minutes” series, we randomly select a teammate to profile, giving you a peek at the people of Ethos.

Position: Art Director
Office Nickname: Slice
Favorite Food: Cheesecake
Hobby: Baking
Age: Don't worry about it

Q: What’s your celebrity story?
I once designed a Christmas card for Tom Hanks.

Q: Favorite high school memory?
In high school, I drove a bitchin’ Camaro. In college, I drove a cherry red Mitsubishi Eclipse. Now I drive a beat up Honda CR-V.

Q: Little known fact about you?
I still tie my shoes using the bunny ear method.

Q: Claim to fame?
As a teenager in the ‘80s, my favorite TV show was Dance Party USA. One day, my dream came true. I got to pull on my spandex, shellac my hair with half a can of Aqua Net and bust some moves for a full-day taping of the show.

Q: Most embarrassing moment?
One year in high school, the yearbook staff didn’t know my name. (Before I was married, my last name was Manglicmot.) That year, I was identified as “Florida Smith”.